Tooth Extraction in Cancun

Although you may picture something painful and almost scary when you think about a tooth extraction, this treatment is not as horrifying as the movies portray it.

Of course, extractions are the last option on the list to fix dental problems because dentists seek to preserve your natural teeth, but most people will need a dental extraction in their lives for multiple reasons, and it’s very valid.

Wisdom teeth extraction is the most common, or you may also get extractions if you impacted your tooth.

These are only some of the few reasons that we’ll explain in detail.

The cost of tooth extraction in Cancun, Mexico, can vary depending on the affected tooth. But overall.

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Types of Tooth Extractions in Cancun

The following are two different types of extraction procedures:

Simple Extractions

Simple extractions require local anesthetic on teeth that are visible in the mouth.

Surgical Extractions

When the dentist cannot reach a tooth easily, they use surgical extraction treatments. Likewise, they prefer this type of surgery when a tooth hasn’t fully erupted or suffers from damage beneath the gum line.

The dentist may make an incision to raise the soft tissues that protect the tooth during this treatment. To simplify removal, they’ll likely divide the tooth into numerous pieces. Dentists also perform this surgery under general anesthesia.

Tooth extraction is considered a dental solution. Scheduling consultation with a Cancun dentist can help you understand in detail why you might need this procedure.

Sectional extraction

They only use this extraction method on teeth with several roots, such as all upper and lower molars and the upper 1st premolar.

Because of the form or orientation of the roots, or the amount of decay in the tooth, the tooth may not come out entirely in one piece.

In this type of surgery, dentists divide the tooth’s roots by cutting between them. This way, each root can get extracted separately.

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When Do You Need an Extraction?

It’s not ideal, but it’s a crucial component of maintaining oral health in circumstances where leaving the tooth alone could lead to a slew of other (often far more severe) health issues.

1.- A tooth highly damaged due to severe decay

This occurs when tooth decay reaches the pulp, which is in the core of the tooth. Bacteria created by deterioration have the potential to infect the pulp and cause illness.

In this scenario, root canal therapy is effective in treating the infection. If it’s severe, however, extraction may be necessary to prevent it from spreading.

Our Cancun dentists at Trust Dental Care will inspect your problematic tooth and propose the most suitable dental treatment. Whether you require a root canal or a tooth extraction, we’ll make sure you get the safest, most pleasant, and painless experience possible.

2.- Treatment for periodontal disease

 Gingivitis is an infection of the gums and the first stage of periodontal disease. Dental plaque, a sticky substance that forms on your teeth several hours after eating and without brushing, causes periodontal disease. 

You can avoid periodontal disease by brushing your teeth regularly and visiting your dentist. However, a tooth may loosen due to this condition in some cases, so getting a tooth extraction in Cancun may be a good option if this happens.

3.- An impacted tooth 

To prevent the impacted tooth from hurting other teeth, your dentist may suggest removing it. It’s best to remove an impacted tooth to reduce the risk of infection and crowding.

We employ advanced technology which provides a more detailed x-ray of your impacted tooth and other afflicted areas of the mouth. As a result, you are exposed to less radiation and feel more comfortable when using this equipment.

4.- Fix overcrowding of teeth

To relieve teeth overcrowding in your mouth, you’ll probably need one or more teeth extracted. When you need orthodontic treatment, and there isn’t enough room for the teeth to move and realign, this is also a good alternative.

5.- After an accident

For instance, when a patient requires dental care due to a vehicle accident, the priority is always to save the teeth. 

They may suggest dental bonding, crowns, bridges, or veneers. If the dental problem is severe, tooth extraction may be necessary.

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tooth extraction in cancun

How Is the Tooth Extraction Procedure in Cancun?

The basics of getting a tooth extraction in Cancun are generally the same, whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction. Take a look at the steps:

1 Numbing your tooth

They’ll apply a dose of anesthetic to the tooth, gums, and bone tissue around it before extraction. The amount of pain you feel from the needle will depend on the type of tissue they administered the anesthetic.

2 Perform the extraction 

When they extract a tooth, they remove it from its socket in the jawbone. The tooth is generally fully wrapped in the socket, with a ligament holding it in place. 

To extract the tooth, the dentist first enlarges the socket before separating the tooth from the ligament and then pulling it out.

The bone that surrounds the tooth’s root is soft and porous. As a result of rocking the tooth back and forth against the socket walls, the bone compresses.

There would eventually be enough space for the tooth to separate from the ligament.

You should not experience any discomfort. However, if you do, don’t hesitate to tell your dentist if you are experiencing any pain.

3 Closing the tooth’s gap

The socket will be left open if you remove your tooth. The dentist will round off any rough bone edges, examine the socket for potential sinus issues, and clean out any tooth fragments or loose bone. 

The dentist will place gauze in the socket to stem the bleeding and patch up the extraction site.

You’ll need some time to recover after losing your tooth. It usually takes a few days for this to happen. In the meantime, you must lower the chance of infection, minimize discomfort, and overall speed up your recovery during this time.


In your recovery process, make sure to:

  • Brush and floss away from the extraction site.
  • For the first day or 24 hours, avoid drinking using a straw.
  • Not rinse your mouth or spit aggressively during this time. The clot that has formed in the socket may dislodge as a result of this.

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