What is Teeth Whitening in Cancun?

Yellow teeth are a common issue that many people look to fix. Because of that, you might’ve seen multiple whitening products out in the supermarkets or online.

However, the best way to get the best long-lasting results is to get professional in-office teeth whitening in Cancun.

Teeth whitening performed by your Cancun dentist will give you the sparkling smile you want in a much shorter time.

Thousands of people in the United States determine each year that professional teeth whitening is definitely worth the investment.

At Trust Dental Care Cancun, we use Philips Zoom Whitening, a light-activated device that reaches the teeth through microcracks.

Unlike several other devices, Philips Zoom White Speed accelerates whitening with a patented LED light for optimum performance in less than one hour!

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Teeth Whitening Procedure In Cancun

The treatment is absolutely safe and successful, and it provides people with a satisfying, healthy smile:

1- While the light-activated gel is applied over your teeth, an LED light filter will be provided for eye safety.

2- During the whitening procedure, a “retractor” tool is inserted in your mouth to hold it open. Other parts of your mouth may be covered during the operation, such as your cheeks, lips, tongue, and so on, to avoid injury.

3- The whitening process will begin once the computer is turned on. You’ll have pearly whites in less than 30 minutes after leaving our facility.

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Why Do You Get Yellow Teeth?

Teeth can turn a different color for a variety of reasons.

We encounter and do various activities in our lives that can have a direct or indirect impact on our oral health.

These are a few of the reasons why our teeth’s natural white color begins to fade:

Aging: brushing tears away the outer layer of enamel on your teeth over time, revealing the yellowish color of dentin.

Dental hygiene: plaque and substances that cause stains on your teeth can be removed by brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth often enough.

Tobacco use: tar and nicotine (two substances contained in tobacco) are excellent at staining teeth. As a result, smoking or chewing tobacco may be one of the leading causes of tooth discoloration.

Medications: antihistamines and antipsychotics can cause tooth discoloration. Mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride, for example, can cause tooth discoloration.

Treatments for disease: Chemotherapy and neck radiation may have an effect on tooth color.

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Teeth Whitening Cost in Cancun

Unfortunately, despite the many benefits of teeth whitening, it is a costly dental procedure in countries such as the United States, where the cost can exceed $1,000 USD.

If that’s not something you can afford, teeth whitening in Cancun is the chance you’ve been looking for.

You can save up to 75% on professional teeth whitening in Cancun by visiting a Cancun dentist. It doesn’t get any better than getting high-quality results for a reasonable price.

Thousands of Trust patients have walked away happy with their fresh pearly whites after receiving this treatment from us, and now it’s your turn!

Teeth Whitening in Cancun Aftercare

Your Cancun dentist will give you specific instructions to ensure that your results last a long time.

The first 48 hours after you leave the dental office are critical, so you should pay special attention to your routines, beverages, and foods, which include:

  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Red wine
  • Chocolate
  • Soda
  • No smoking
  • Lemons or other citrus fruits

If you really must drink something, you can always use a straw to keep the liquid from touching your teeth as it would if you drank it straight from your mouth.

Remember that doing your part to take care of your smile will play an essential role in how effective the results are.

However, some of the drinks and foods that are healthy to consume are white meat, non-acidic fruits, white-colored vegetables, and colorless beverages.

Besides that, follow a basic oral care routine to keep your teeth white for a long time to get the most out of your treatment.

Brush twice a day, floss, and rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent plaque.

Brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste once or twice a week will also help avoid discoloration, so it’s worth including in your routine.

Visit Cancun for professional teeth whitening and have the best dental experience with your Cancun dentist. Book your appointment today.

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Dr. Cirenia and his staff are incredibly professional. The office’s atmosphere is bright and friendly. Dr. Cirenia himself is extremely personable and down to earth.

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